One month, four weeks, too many hours

Hace más de un mes que volví del Reino Unido, el 6 de junio. Me acuerdo que cantaba en la que por entonces era mi habitación esta canción alegramente. Cantaba esta canción hace más de dos meses, 30 días antes de volver. Os dejo el video y la canción. Espero que os guste.

I woke up in the morning felt so far away.
Marks on my calendar. Don't hurry up the days.
I wish I could speed the time 'till that moment you are mine.

Subract the distance, fly in the speed of light,
crazy how I miss you. I'm hurting deep inside
I know you can feel this pain but don't worry I'll be back again.

Pretty soon I'll be coming home, home, home, home.

30 days to us (oh-hoah.oh)
30 days to love (oh-hoah-oh)
Each second I'm here thinking what I wanna do,
what I wanna do when I get to you.
One month, four weeks, too many hours.
Sunrise, sun fall. I'm growing tired.

30 days to love (oh-hoah-oh) 30 days to love
Each day you're not here feels like a thousand years.
Need a magician to make time disappear.
Once you're near I won't let go you're what I need and all I know.

I can't wait to say I'm coming home, home, home, home.


How it feels on day one it doesn't get better
'till I have your love here forever.
There's nothing I want more than you right now, now, now, now.



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