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If someone had told me what I am about to confess I would not have believed them. The last post that I have published was more than two years ago. I had never thought that this would happen. Fortunately, I have come back for a good reason, and maybe since now on I will continue posting. The reason why today there is a new post is because of New Top Silicone. 

New Top Silicone is a silicone rubber manufacturer that let you customize all kind of products. From household, personal care, motherhood, baby caring and kitchen utensils products among others. Also they are professional on industrial silicone and medical silicone products solution. Quick response, ISO Certified factory and favourable price are three values to stand out from this company. 

How this custom silicone mold manufacturer creates their products? They use some differents techniques as silicone injection molding, silicone compression molding, silicone extrusion molding, silicone overmolding, silicone multi shot injection molding and clan room injection molding. For this different capabilities New Top Silicone use the most recent technologies which are continually renew to offer the best products.

One of the best parts of this manufacturer is the let you the possibility to create and customize your own products thanks to their customized services. A team of real experts would help you to design the digital model (CAD) of your product. Also, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is used to develop the scientific products evaluating the feasibility of the project, performing a prototype testing and optimizations mass production plans. The capacity of the mold making tools let create a huge variety of products and their specific requirements. This technique allows a reduction on the initial costs as well as shorten the development cycle. And finally, the materials used in the process, it has been formulated an independent elastomer material using a precision measurement equipment. The silicone material are prepared to meet the needs for the product characteristics. 

The following products are some of the amazing products that are displayed on their website as samples: 

consumer silicone products
consumer silicone solutions

customer silicone solutions
consumer silicone solutions

consumer silicone solutions

After all of this information and this wonderful samples, I am thinking about to customize all my kitchen supplies to have the same colours to match between them. What about you? Let me know in the comments section.

Jennifer Piri

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